Increase engagement and revenue with personalised email campaigns

99.9% Availability

Robust infrastructure with no single point of failure. India hosted tier 3+ data centres.
Data redundancy through multiple high performance disks with RAID5 standard.
24x7x365 monitoring by dedicated network team with early warning systems.


Encrypted mail data transmission - SSL & HTTPS and storage at secured locations.
Better tools to protect your email from email hacking, phishing, spoofing, identity theft and other email frauds
Vulnerability detection systems blocks deviant mail usage & Third party Security audit ensures global security standards

Data leak protection

Restrict mail access outside your company network. Control access of 10+ channels.
Restrict attachment & mail flow by framing policies specific to a domain or individual.
Monitor mails* sent or received by any individual within your domain and prevent unofficial mail usage.

Advanced spam & virus protection

Multi-layered spam protection with virus checks, IP check, reverse DNS, DKIM check, content filtering, etc.
Zero day virus protection & virus definition updation in real time, automatically removes virus before it affects your mails.
Customize anti-spam settings by managing content filters as per organisation policies.


Get new mail notification on your mobile ensures you never lose track of your important business emails.
Integrated calendar and contacts increase the productivity along with your business mail
Remotely wipe user mail data for those on BOYD policy to reduce security threat.

Complete sync across devices

Mail sync across devices and applications like outlook, webmail, and any mobile phone
Calendar sync your events between desktop application like outlook & your mobile
Contact sync ensures automatically updated address book's availability across devices.

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First email service provider in India

Whether you have a huge or a few numbers of mailboxes running for your business, a Mailing Solutions is capable of managing it all for you. We have a team of Indian email service providers that have years of hands-on experience in providing business email solutions in India.

Email solution service for a business:

In any business, having communication with clients and target audience is an important factor in any aspect whether it is planning, organizing, etc. In this digital era, business communication relies heavily on email.

Undoubtedly, emails are a result-oriented way to interact with clients, esteemed customers, employees as well as potential customers.

The information you share through bulk email service keeps a record of the transactions of all your emails, which can be very helpful for future reference which is not possible through smartphone calls or any other mode of communication.

Another reason for the email's importance in business communication is that you can keep an eye on your business even if you are away from your workplace.

How bad or good a business’ email communication is, indirectly or directly has an effect on its growth, client/business relations & its future. And it takes an experienced and the best bulk email service provider for businesses in India to suitably customize email folders, signatures, etc.

Why do you need an email solutions provider in India?

With the constantly growing importance of managing business communications, more and more organizations are now realizing that running an in-house mail solution is not feasible in the long run. Given the constant management and upgrades that an email server demands, it’s quite a tricky process to manage & administer the whole thing. This gives rise to the need of opting for business email services. We at Mailing solution provide business email solutions in India that are fast, secure, and dependable.

Advantages of using our business email solution in India:

  • We at Mailing Solutions completely understand the requirement of businesses to constantly have access to their email communications. With our business email solutions in India, your users can access their email using Outlook, a mobile phone with Gmail identical features.
  • With our features of anti-spam protection, you can be assured of a spam-free inbox.
  • Also mailing solutions take all the effective steps to keep your email private with a strict ad-free policy.
  • Apart from providing best-in-class business email solutions, our team is always just a call away to provide you with active support.

Why choose Mailing Solutions for the best email services provider in India

This is where we come in; we at Mailing Solutions provide digital, design, and development marketing solutions. We are one of the most reliable and prominent email marketing agencies in India. Our email marketing solutions are personalized and targeted at the most relevant team of consumers for your organization.

Here are some of the reasons why you should choose Mailing Solutions as your email marketing agency:

  • Business Strategy Support
  • Dedicated and professional team
  • Understanding Customer Requirement
  • Proof-read content
  • Suitable Physical location
  • Technical Expertise
  • Appropriate Schedules
  • Relevant Content
  • Appropriate Call-to-action
  • Leveraging Social Median