Experience The Mailing Solution Difference

95% spam-free emails95% spam-free emails

  • Multiple layers of spam protection and intelligence built by our servers over time
  • Multi-layered spam protection Real-time blacklists monitoring (RBLs)
  • Zero false-positive ratio
  • Protection against DDoS attacks
  • Personal quarantine area & spam-digest
  • Inbound content and attachment filtering

Disaster recovery spoolingDisaster recovery spooling

  • Ensure business-critical emails are queued at Netcore’s servers due to non-availability of the post-scan relay email server, thus eliminating mail bounces
  • Up to 5 days of email queuing
  • Quickly relay emails on availability of post-scan relay email server
  • Unlimited email data storage

Always-on infrastructureAlways-on infrastructure

Redundant & fault tolerant infrastructure ensures always-on availability (99.99% uptime) to scan & clean emails from spam & viruses.

100% virus-free emails100% virus-free emails

  • Ensure not even a single email infected with virus enters your corporate network with triple level of virus protection
  • Triple-level virus protection
  • Zero-hour virus outbreak protection
  • Commtouch patented technology
  • Daily virus digest

Highly secure infrastructureHighly secure infrastructure

Your email data is completely secure from any unauthorized access with multiple layers of security & safeguards which can ward off any external security threat.

Quick setup with zero upfront investmentQuick setup with zero upfront investment

Secure and scalable cloud infrastructure ensures zero upfront investment in hardware, software or resources.

Simplified web-based administration

Manage your anti-spam & anti-virus cloud server anytime from anywhere through a web-based graphical admin interface.

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Keep your business secure by Anti-Spam Service Solutions

To begin with anti-spam services for mail servers, there are certain terms you must know. An antispam is a program or say it a set of programs that are designed to detect, prevent, also remove viruses, and other malicious software such as worms, trojans, adware, and many others.

Whereas anti-spamming refers to any process or any software that is used to combat the proliferation of spam or to keep spam from entering a system. However, the technicians of Tech mailing Solutions India are available to protect your system from such viruses and spam.

Antivirus Solution

At Mailing Solutions, our partners are the best-licensed antispam protection service providers that protect your PC from malware infection. With the help of an antivirus software solution, you can also protect the system on a different level. Here are a few benefits that can give the ultimate reason to move towards Anti-spam protection solutions:

  • High-quality malware protection.
  • Real-time guard of incoming traffic.
  • Constant antivirus base update for maximal security.
  • Preventing data loss and unauthorized modification.
  • Deployment flexibility.

Antispam solution

Additionally, it is critical to prevent corporate workplaces and the flow of data from any kind of email spam in order to create a clear and resource-efficient environment for business operations. Our highly experienced email spam filter service professionals will offer you the anti-spam solution to provide decent security from unwanted information.

Our team of experts performs full anti-spam solution system setup and maintenance, making it quite comfortable for the customers. Here are following some benefits of our anti-spam solutions:

  • Powerful and effective business spam filtering
  • Blocks email-borne viruses and other malware
  • Granular user-based email
  • Granular, user-based email content policy enforcement
  • Hassle-free spam management
  • Ensure safer email

Why should I go for email hosting?

Mailing Solutions offers flexible Email hosting solutions to businesses of all sizes with varied needs. This brings identity for your business collaborating your requirements, specialized in bringing advanced hosting features and options. Giving an option to build an email id with your industry's domain is professional etiquette. Email hosting will advertise your domain whenever you use email.

Benefits of our mailing solutions.

  • Mailing Solutions offers complete defense against email threats.
  • with 99%+ anti-spam protection accuracy and 100% anti-virus protection.
  • Minimizes the load on mail servers and the company network, reducing the need for hardware investments.
  • Mailing Solutions, email encryption prevents accidental leaks of confidential data..
  • We at Mailing Solutions offer total control and flexibility for email security.

Why choose Mailing Solutions?

Because we are the best Anti-Spam solution service provider. Check out the below points to know our potential.

  • Firstly, high availability/redundancy.
  • Also, both inbound and outbound filtering
  • Finally, improved end-user productivity

Even though the most tech-savvy user can dump into downloading malware. Hence, they become the victim of identity theft, just by Signing in. However, by securing your Operating Systems with the antivirus and anti-spam service for mail servers, you can close the doors of the security leaks.

In modern times having an antivirus and antispam is not an option it is a necessity. Therefore, by implementing the antivirus and anti-spam solutions by Mailing Solution, you can establish more efficient security and better customer communication.