Archive, retain and retrieve emails on-demand

Compressed storage

Retain emails in compressed formats to save on storage requirements.

Simplified web-based administration

A web-based admin interface that does not require any knowledge of Linux commands.

Powerful search to retrieve emails on-demand

Quickly search & retrieve emails even if an employee is no longer part of your organization.

Highly secure infrastructure

Complete security of archived email data from any unauthorized access with multiple layers of security & safeguards which can ward off any external security threat.

Uninterrupted access

Redundant & fault-tolerant infrastructure ensures always-on availability (99.99% uptime).

Tamper-proof storage

Tamper-proof storage format to ensure compliance with archiving rules & regulations.

Automated email purging

Automatically delete archived emails after a specified period to manage storage space.

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Dependency on email communication doesn’t come with ease, it comes with lots of challenges – Management of exponential growth in the number of messages. The eminent increment in volumes of email makes email archiving a critical business consideration, assisting companies to ensure that sensitive and valuable information is not lost to the Recycle Bin

Mailing Solutions, Email Archiving Solution is an email storage application used in conjunction with your mailbox. It enables esteemed users to store a copy of the email in the email archiving solutions, and simply transform that data into a useful repository, where it is instantly retrievable.

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Secure Storage

Business enterprises can easily and effectively index and preserve all emails.

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The Archive emails of any client that comprise sensitive data of any mailbox.

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Access email from any particular device to enhance workforce productivity.

Key Features of Mailing Solutions Email Archiving Solution

Unified data management platform for detailed in house email archiving solutions for any email environment

Email Archiving

The email archiving solution is capable of automatically archiving all internal, incoming, and outgoing emails along with multi-domain support. One can save or archive emails from multiple clients like Outlook, Office 365, Thunderbird, and mailboxes of different formats – EML, PST, MBOX, Maildir, and more.

Email Systems Compatibility

Mailing Solutions email Archival service can easily work along with any email server that supports POP3 or IMAP and SMTP– Microsoft Exchange, Lotus Notes, Zimbra, Postfix, Qmail, Sendmail without any fail or glitch. Also, cloud-based solutions like Office 365 or G Suite, Gmail for Business.

Real-Time Fetching

The solution you will get from the Mailing solution is well-sufficient to record all incoming and outgoing texts in real-time. The archiving software supports POP3 and IMAP4 protocols. Not merely this, in fact, it does, import all historical emails from your mail server into the archive repository.

Search Option

The search functionality is completely capable of handling any kind of search, whether it is single-character or multi-character. You can easily find out any name attachment via metadata properties, such as name, type, and more.

Audit Trail & Permission

Availability of distinct features available to different users based on their role within the companies. As well, the Email Archival solution can check all user actions, so the legal department can ensure that no emails have not been altered.

Scalable Storage

The email archiving solution provides you with infrastructure with scalable storage. In case you have a lot of email messages for the archiving process, then purchase what you need today and grow.

Why Choose Email Archival From Mailing Solutions?

Choose the Mailing Solution, if you are looking for the best.


The platform always ensure that data is retained in a compliant format.


Comprehensive compliance, e-discovery, and litigation support.


The solution is delivered with the finest security, management & operational controls.


Caters wide compatibility and archives emails of all the types of mailboxes .